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(Our College history)

BESHA Community Organization (BCO)

The Source of the two off springs is BESHA (Baseline Educational Services and Health Assistance) Community Organization (BCO), a community based non profit organization. BESHA Health Centre (BHC) is the forerunner, founded in 2007 and BESHA Health Training Institute (BHTI) founded in 2012.

Subsequently, the BCO with its mission 'quality social services' foresees the need in the near future to incorporate basic education (primary and Secondary) so that a full spectrum of educational services is achieved. Likewise, the need to incorporate spiritual services to the BESHA Community is also foreseen.

BESHA Health Training Institute (BHTI)

BESHA Health Training Institute (BHTI) aspires 'quality health training'. At the beginning of this academic year, two Schools of Clinical Medicine and Health Laboratory sciences will be preceded by a School of Nursing in the subsequent year.

The BHTI has its focus on all fronts of the training and is on its journey towards developing benchmarks and quality graduates. We are proud of our teaching team which is comprised of very highly skilled and qualified tutors with exposure to international systems and protocols. The supporting team is also comprising of competent and well trained staff.