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BESHA Health Training Institute twins with BESHA Health Center which offers practical and clinical training of students, as this health centre together with the Training Institute, belong to the founding body, the BESHA Community Organization.

BESHA Health Centre always believes in clinical excellence and we have been steadily moving in that direction "quality health care". Our excellence not only reflects in technical patient care, but we have been extremely careful regarding the handling of the handicapped, disabled and the misfortune individuals especially children.

We at the BHC have both quality and resources clubbed with excellence and experience to give best services and quality treatment to the patients and also serve the society at multilevel, so that we actually keep our promises of "quality health care" to the common and the very poor man or family with limited financial resources. Since 2008, BHC has partnered with "Smile Train Express Organization" to offer free and successful services to many individuals of both sexes and all ages disabled with cleft lip and palate, who usually fall both health and social victims of the society. However, these services are still sustained to date with help of our partner abroad. Similarly, BHC also partnered with International Federation of Hydrocephalus and Spina bifida (IFHcSb) for some period and offered services to many children with such disorders at very low unimaginable charges. In the whole, BHC intends to provide excellent patients care with highest national standards. All these services contribute to the successful development of students in their career.