Campus Life

Religious Life

The BHTI adheres to the Tanzanian style of worship. Therefore students have complete freedom of religious worships as long as it is intended to promote the well-being of the student life and encourage positive religious values.

Cafeteria Services

The BHTI has commercialized catering services. Students are required to pay for all their meals. Institute hostels do not provide cooking facilities, and therefore students are not allowed to prepare meals in the Institute Hostels.


Students are accommodated in the BHTI hostels where they are provided with empty beds. They should bring their own mattresses and beddings. The Institute does not provide accommodation for families. Any student is free to find own accommodation off campus. Students who are interested in the Institute accommodation should contact the Warden who is responsible for arrangement of such accommodation fees at an approved rate. All payments for accommodation are made in advance for the year.

Medical Services

Medical services are available, but all students are required to be enrolled by the National Health Insurance Fund. Students who prefer to be treated by private practitioners while Institute medical services are available will not be given assistance unless referred to by the Institute's certified Medical Officer. Prior to admission to the Institute, each student is required to undergo medical examination performed in the Institute's Health Facility.

Sports and Recreation

The Institute provides facilities and opportunity for a wide range of recreations. These include play grounds for volleyball, netball and basketball. Other activities include clubs, social activities, music festivals and cultural events to mention a few.